It has certainly been a busy and exciting first week of 2022 and the start of our Spring term. Across the school pupils have been introduced to their year group’s new topics – from explorers, to Ancient Greeks, to the human body, layers of the earth to stories from different cultures - and had opportunities to share what they know already and what they want to find out. This inspires and empowers the children to be more curious and responsible about their learning. Already in assembly today the Key Stage 2 children were telling me about what they had learnt this week in their new topics. I look forward to seeing the pupils further develop their knowledge and progress over the course of this term.

Year 1 have begun their Design and Technology classes, looking at where food comes from, they had great fun identifying real fruit and vegetables while their eyes were closed and have learnt which grow above the ground and which ones grow below the ground. Year 2 have been enjoying their Science lessons and learning about different materials such as wood, metal, plastic and brick and identifying the uses of such materials.

Meanwhile in Year 3 have been recapping the 3, 4 and 8 times table before learning a written method for multiplying a 1 digit by 2 digit number. Year 4 have started their new topic all about the Ancient Greeks. The children have shared they are eager to find out what the Ancient Greeks used to wear, who the gods were and why they worshipped them and how they used technology to make the buildings and statues in their ancient civilisation.

Year 5 have been reading, listening and watching stories from other cultures and countries around the world and asking inquisitive questions as well as developing their comprehension and inference skills. Whilst, Year 6 have begun working on their new blocks in English and Science focusing on Persuasive Writing and Human Body Systems respectively. Over the coming weeks, they will be working towards producing a persuasive travel booklet for English and deepening their understanding of the important organ systems within the human body