During this week’s assemblies we explored our fifth and final school value: compassion. We discussed what this word means, how we can show compassion to each other and ourselves and what happens if we are (and are not) compassionate. Teachers will continue to be looking out and identifying students that are demonstrating and living these values and I encourage you to also speak about our school values with your child:

Excellence, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Compassion.

Students have also been busy learning and experimenting with a range of interesting ideas in their Science lessons this week; Year 2 scientists have enjoyed sorting animals into their correct habitats and how animals have adapted to live in certain climates. Whilst Year 3 have just finished their unit on healthy living and the benefits of eating a healthy meal. Year 4 have been investigating changes in matter, learning about freezing, melting, evaporation and condensation by creating an experiment using hot water, cling film and ice to see these processes in action. Year 5 have also been working practically as they examined thermal insulators by designing different material cups that would keep their teacher’s drinks warm!