This week we watched 1B’s assembly; this was their first time leading an assembly and what a great job they did! 1B taught us, and the aliens from Planet Zog (!), how to classify animals and we learned some very scientific vocabulary too. It was a pleasure to see how confident the students have already become since the start of the academic year as they spoke their words clearly and sang different songs with actions and smiles. Well done to all involved! In 5B’s assembly, we found out about Remembrance Day and the poppy’s significance. Students listened well and I was most impressed by how mature and sensible the Primary students gathered in silence for the Remembrance ceremony this morning.

Also, this week Year 2 students have been excitedly looking at and discussing their plants. Despite only planting the seeds last week, Year 2’s plants have grown quite a bit already! They have been updating their plant diaries and were really surprised to discover some of their predictions had been incorrect – seeds can even grow in cotton wool! They have now begun to explore the different parts of a seed and learned the processes involved in germination.