We have had another busy week in EYFS as children make their final preparations for our Winter Concert next week alongside our busy learning in class. We look forward to performing next Tuesday 13th December as the children showcase their wonderful singing and dancing.

This week Pre-Nursery have been concentrating on the sense of taste where we have tasted different fruits and decided if we liked or disliked them. We also decorated our class Christmas Tree and looked at different shapes we saw.

Nursery have been enjoying their ‘Winter’ learning this week. The children have created and designed their own Snowman, adding extra creative details. The children even made ‘Snowball’ out of recycled paper!

Nursery have also been very busy rehearsing for our Winter show; they have been working so hard on remembering their song and actions to perform on the stage.

A hard working week for Nursery .

In Reception we immersed ourselves in all things Winter! We talked about the importance of warm clothes, what it looks and feels like to feel cold and what happens to our environment when it’s cold. We read the story of “Snowballs” and the children made their very own snowmen using twigs, buttons and bubble wrap!

In Phonics this week we learnt the letter ‘r’ sound and how to write it, as well as words beginning with this sound. We continued practicing writing out CVC words by having the children segment the word before writing it down. This is a great activity to also practice at home!

In Maths we looked at time and the children were introduced to analogue clocks and how to read the time by looking at the hour and minute hand.