It has been a busy week of exploring in EYFS. We have enjoyed using our senses to note the seasonal changes in our environment and used our curiosity to explore our Early Years environment.

This week Pre-Nursery have been learning names of the facial features and we have made our own funny faces using craft materials. Alongside this, we have been learning all about emotions, focusing on the simple ones such as sad, happy, angry, sleepy, hot, cold, and hungry. We used actions and sounds to help us. We have also been exploring the number two, counting our two hands, two ears, two legs etc and children have been exploring objects that come in a set of two

This week Nursery continued learning and exploring ‘Seasons and Celebrations.’ The children have been fascinated by the changes in the environment that happens during Autumn and are often commenting on the colours in the trees. Because of this, we went on a ‘leaf hunt’ around the school to collect as many different colour and sized leaves that we could find.

Our story this week has been ‘Owl Babies’. Nursery have been listening very well to this story and are trying to join in with the familiar parts of the story

This week in Reception, in continuation with our All Around the World topic, we have been learning about Bonfire Night in the UK and Diwali in India. The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita and participated in arts and crafts relating to these celebrations.

In Communication, Language and Literacy we reviewed all of the Tricky Words and the letter sounds learnt so far. The children also learnt two new letters sound, ‘g’ and ‘o’. They are beginning to blend and write some CVC words.

In Maths, we looked at 3D shapes and their properties. Children took part in many of the activities, which included a 3D shape scavenger hunt in the garden!