Wonderful news from Britannica’ Spanish department. After weeks of intense hard work, all the students from Year 5 to 8 have participated in a big contest to show their Spanish talent. The final round took place last Wednesday 23rd of November and after the very tight and great results among the 8 finalists chosen to take part in it at the Theatre , just one proved to be the top of the notch.

The names of the ‘Spelling Bee in Spanish’ finalists: Chihiro (8B), David (8A), Vittoria (7A), Gabriel (6B), Ella (6A), Joseph (5A), Kaoru (5C), Kristine (5B).

As they were all great, we got the winner after many rounds trying to find some apparently non-existent weakness.

They all made very honorable competitors and set the stakes incredibly high for the last best three participants:

3rd place Chihiro

2nd place Gabriel

And the 1st place and winner of this very first round of the Spelling Bee contest in Spanish is: Joseph!

Congratulations to all of them, they made it really far and they all deserve the recognition.

Next round will take place in March, we cannot rest on our laurels!

The best is yet to come!