It has been an incredibly busy week in Early Years this week. The children have embraced the opportunity to take their learning outside of the classroom, learning through all areas of the curriculum. We were very happy to welcome some of our Reception parents into school this week where they made traditional dishes with the children in our new school cooking area. We look forward to making many more dishes!

Finally, a huge well done to all of the children in EYFS who took part in Sports Day today. For many children it was their first and they displayed lots of skill and enthusiasm whilst taking part in the events and collected many points for their houses.


It has been a very busy week in Pre-Nursery this week. Pre-Nursery have continued with the topic, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear,’ where we have been learning the sound of each animal from the book while introducing the key animal names. To add extra fun to our learning we have explored animal sounds by using our special ED tech voice recording buttons. The children have been exploring the voice recording buttons whilst hearing their own voice back making key sounds.

On Thursday we celebrated Jeans for Genes Day. The children all looked fantastic in their jeans.


It has been a very creative week in Nursery. As part of our Zoo learning journey, this week Nursery continued to focus on, ‘Dear Zoo,’ as well as looking at the daily life in a Zoo environment. This became a big part of Nursery’s creative learning this week as the children took on different roles in a Zoo. Some children wore animal masks, some children sold tickets to enter the Zoo and others visited the Zoo role play area. It was wonderful seeing the children take leadership roles in this activity.

As part of our Maths work the children have finding out how many animals fit into a Zoo box. We discovered that smaller animals were easier to fit but more to count!


We had an action packed and fun filled week! We continued our topic and looked at rockets and spaceships. The children talked about the Northern Lights and made their own water colour interpretations. They enjoyed a fun afternoon of cooking traditional Chinese food, preparing and decorating their own snacks before enjoying traditional Malaysian cuisine.

In Literacy and Phonics, we watched a silent video, “The Way Back Home,” where the children were asked to explain what they observed. It is about a boy who flies his rocket to space and meets a little alien. Both their vehicles break down and the boy comes up with a plan. This encourages the children to answer questions, use full sentences and interpret the story in their own ways. We have looked at the Tricky Words, ‘I’, ‘the’ and ‘to’. We have also started Phonics and the children were introduced to the letter sounds ‘s’ and ‘a’.

In Maths, we introduced the children to simple and some more complex 2D shapes. We looked at their names and their properties. They made shape monsters and shape rockets and tried other activities such as making shapes on peg boards and rubber band boards.