It has been a pleasure to welcome back all our EYFS students this week along with some new children who have joined the phase. It has certainly been a busy and exciting first week of our Spring term.

This half term each year group has a new topic to explore that develops creativity, curiosity and language development. Pre-Nursery will be focusing on ‘Nursery Rhymes,’ Nursery will look at traditional stories through their topic ‘Once upon a Story,’ and Reception will be going on an exciting journey through time, exploring whilst ‘Digging for Dinosaurs.’


To begin our Nursery Rhyme topic, this week Pre-Nursery have had a new friend who happens to be a friendly spider ‘Incy Wincy Spider.’ This week we have been getting to know the rhyme ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ through following actions and joining in with the song. Along with this, Pre-Nursery have looked at where spiders live and had fun hunting around the school to find some of these 8-legged creepy crawlers. In developing our skills in identifying emotions we talked about how spiders make us feel and if we like spiders.

On top of all this spider fun, Pre-Nursery have had lots of opportunities to be creative using paint to create a spider picture, learn about drizzling glue and sprinkling glitter to create a web, and strengthen our fine motor skills through play dough spider creations.


It has been fantastic having Nursery back in school this week and everyone has settled very quickly back into their daily routines. All of the children were very pleased to see their friends after the holidays.

We have introduced our new learning journey this week which is ‘Once Upon a Story.’ The children will be immersed in a variety of different stories over the next five weeks ranging from traditional tales to some modern favourites. This week we have started with reading ‘The Three Little Pigs’


What a wonderful week we have had in Reception. The children were excited to come back to school and enjoyed sharing their photos and writing what they did over the holiday. We have welcomed new children into the classroom and now have nine different nationalities in Reception alone!

We have started our new topic on Dinosaurs. We talked about dinosaur eggs and the children were encouraged to think of some questions they had on dinosaurs and their eggs. We will answer these questions throughout the next weeks, through books and videos, to support their inquiry and learning. We enjoyed the outdoor area and made dinosaur nests to keep the special egg. The children began describing the dinosaurs and what they see, encouraging the use of new descriptive words.

In Maths, we have begun looking at British pennies, this is an introduction to money and its value. It can be encouraged at home too by showing children how much items cost and how we pay for them.