The children in our Early Years displayed great excitement this week when beginning their first topic of the academic year, ‘A New Beginning.’ This topic will be guided by the children’s interests which will support them as they develop their creativity, curiosity and language. We look forward to seeing where the children take us!

In class this week Pre-Nursery have been exploring their new environment inside and out. They have enjoyed playing in the water, playdough and paint. They listened to the story, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear,’ learning the sounds the different animals make and made these sounds themselves. Nursery have been using dress up clothes to act out different experiences and have been creating games and stories. They have also continued to enjoy the story, ‘Little Cloud’ and have been commenting on the clouds they have seen in the sky when outside. Reception have been considering their new beginning in their new class and have used the book, ‘The Colour Monster,’ to reflect upon their feelings. The children worked enthusiastically as they created their own monsters using loose parts which they based on their emotions.