In Physical Education we have built a strong foundation across a number of sports this year leading into the last term. The PE department was very pleased with the attitude and motivation that students brought to their lessons, and we are proud of all of them. They have been working hard in swimming lessons to ensure that they produce their best times during the Swimming Gala this week. The primary students had the opportunity to showcase their skills in the water whilst making use of the pool facilities to cool down in the warm weather. Thank you to all the children, teachers, parents, and other staff involved on the day. Now we turn our attention to preparing for the final Sports Day at the end of term. This will be another eventful occasion and we are looking forward to welcoming parents onto campus to attend on the different days. We are excited to welcome all the children back in the next academic year to our Physical Education lessons. With the summer holiday around the corner, I would like to encourage students to stay active, healthy, and of course enjoy their well-deserved break.