This week the students of Year 1 have been very excited moving into their next units. In Maths, we have advanced our place value knowledge with counting down from 10. We had great fun building rockets ready to countdown to ‘blast off’! Our English unit about “The Gruffalo” has involved us recreating the story and building our very own tiny forest to re-tell this in. The children have used their imagination all week to explore these topics and thoroughly enjoyed using the classroom and surrounding areas to enhance their learning.

Year 3 focused on building sentences this week through uplevelling their choice of adjectives and adding adverbs to create more descriptive writing. In Maths, students worked hard to draw and label number lines to 1000 using their division skills. Year 3 students were particularly impressive in our science lessons this week, where they sorted foods into saturated and unsaturated fats and discussed the importance of a balanced diet for overall health.

Year 5 have been very busy this week with a huge focus on our issues and dilemmas topic for English. The children have confidently drafted their own compositions, considering their use of a range of adjectives to make their writing interesting for the reader. We have also been mindful of the tone within the story, tackling complex issues and thinking about how we are presenting our characters to the audience. We have also become familiar with antonyms this week, as well as starting to explore a range of synonyms too. Furthermore, our stories have started to come to life as we type them for a finished product at the end of next week. This will also include illustrations and a front cover too. Well done everyone!