This week we held our first ‘Shakespeare Week’ in Early Years, which concluded today with all of the children showcasing their creative talents by performing scenes from Shakespeare Plays at our ‘Globe Theater’ before enjoying a Shakespearean Banquet. Throughout the week children explored the key characters from the stories and were encouraged to think critically and to develop their language skills.

Pre-Nursery have been listening to the story ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Shakespeare. Using this story, Pre-Nursery have used the puppet theater to re-tell parts of the story and have used talkboards to record simple phrases.

They made dream catchers, flower crowns and enjoyed a banquet with the whole of Early Years.

Nursery have immersed themselves into Shakespeare week this week. Our story was ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and everyone has enjoyed it. Many have liked the character of ‘Puck’ and have been thinking about and imagining different spells that they could make! It has been wonderful hearing all the new and creative language from the children.

Nursery also got busy using their fine motor skills to create some colourful dream catchers. They carefully painted them and then used wool to weave around and through the loop.

Reception enthusiastically explored the story ‘The Twelfth Night,’ and enjoyed retelling different parts of the story in our class role-play. They wrote messages in bottles in character and used natural materials to make disguises, just like Viola did in the story. The children also used feathers to write like they did in Shakespearean times.

We are sure that all of the children enjoyed the week and hope that it sparked a love of literature!