Today we celebrated International Day and it was wonderful to see the children wearing their cultural outfits. The children enjoyed taking part in language lessons this morning before tasting delicious food from around the world. It was an incredible way to celebrate our international community!

This week Pre-Nursery’s farm journey continued with the book ‘Who’s on the farm?’ Pre-Nursery looked at some of the homes on the farm such as chicken coops and ponds and enjoyed washing the dirty farm animals. They also explored through sensory play how to milk a cow!

Nursery’s insect of choice this week has been spiders! After reading the story of, ‘The Very Busy Spider,’ Nursery focused on spiders and spider webs. The children enjoyed finding out some interesting facts about these creatures, for example, not only do they have eight legs, but most spiders have eight eyes too! We also found out that there are many different types of spider webs, and they are all unique. Nursery’s favourite web is a web called the ‘Spiral Orb.’

A very interesting week for Nursery.

It has been another exciting week in Reception, filled with various engaging activities and remarkable achievements! The children have continued to explore their creativity through play, and we have been thrilled to witness their incredible constructions using loose parts. Their imaginative creations have been truly fantastic and have allowed them to express their unique ideas, while working alongside their classmates.

Their Maths lessons have been focusing on money. They have continued to practice counting British coins, understanding their value, and applying this knowledge through interactive shopping activities in the classroom. This hands-on approach has provided them with valuable real-life experiences in handling money.

In Literacy, the children are making significant progress in phonics. They have been actively writing sentences and expanding their vocabulary using high-frequency words. The Reception children have fostered a real sense of community, it is wonderful to observe friendships develop within the classrooms as they exchange drawings and write letters for each other.