Today we had a wonderful time celebrating the wide variety of nationalities, languages and cultures that our student population is made up of. It was a great celebration of diversity and an opportunity for the children to learn about other countries around the world.

Also a little earlier this week, our Year 4 students came together to celebrate people they thought to be the most influential leaders in their field from past to present. Over the last few weeks, the students have each been researching their leader of interest, designing fact files and creating timelines chronicling the achievements of their lives. Furthermore, both Year 4 classes demonstrated their skillful IT abilities to plan and design an e-book about their world leader. Every student then showcased all their project work for the entire school body and the visiting parents. The students were excited to share their knowledge and fun facts about their chosen leaders with their teachers, parents and fellow students. A wonderful day was had by everyone, and the Year 4 students should be very proud of all their efforts and dedication during the whole event.