It was wonderful to see so many parents in school today as the children paraded their Easter Bonnets and performed on stage. The enthusiasm shown by children was outstanding and we were very proud of their performance. We would like to express our appreciation to parents in your efforts in creating your child’s Easter Bonnet, we hope you enjoyed the experience of making these.

Please do continue to read to learn more about what the children have been doing in class this week.


Earlier this week Pre-Nursery enjoyed the warmer weather, beginning their week exploring our Eco Garden whilst on a nature hunt. We found lots of leaves and talked about the colours and described which was ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller.’ We also enjoyed counting the 5 little chicks that came to visit us and made some fantastic Easter Eggs using Play-Doh.


This week in Nursery we have been preparing for our parade and the start of spring. This has involved some visits to the theater to practice our rhyme.

Nursery have been very busy making Spring cards by combining many different methods of painting. The children have used brushes, pieces of string, sponges as well as finger painting. They have created some beautiful pieces of art.

Nursery have also been exploring some letters and sounds this week and have been practicing writing their names.


Reception had a very busy week with their class story of The Gruffalo. The children enjoyed using describing words whilst making their own Gruffalo Crumble and used the tricky word ‘he’ to describe what he saw. In Maths we used positional language to describe where things are and to support giving directions to our friends.

We wish you a restful holiday and look forward to seeing the children in the Summer Term.