In Primary, we believe in the importance of education outside the classroom, and we are thrilled to share our recent experiences and upcoming plans with you.

This week, our Year 5 students had an amazing opportunity to visit the Nine Mertis Organic Farm. This engaging trip allowed them to experience nature firsthand, learn about sustainable farming practices, and gain an understanding of environmental conservation. From harvesting crops to feeding animals, our students were fully immersed in a captivating educational experience that brought their classroom learning to life.

We have an array of exciting trips planned for the coming months. Next on our agenda is a visit to the Botanical Gardens, where our Year 2 students will explore the wonders of plants, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Following that, we have a Year 4 pottery workshop scheduled, providing our young artists with hands-on experience in creating clay masterpieces. Additionally, we will be taking trips to various museums in Shanghai, allowing our students to appreciate culture and history.

At Britannica, we believe in a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks. By incorporating educational experiences outside the classroom, we provide our students with a well-rounded education that nurtures their creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. These experiences deepen their understanding of the world and foster personal growth and a lifelong love for learning.