The placenta, amniotic fluid, transition metals and electroplating metals have been the focus of lessons following the start of the new Spring Term for KS4 and 5.

iGCSE Biology students have been learning the importance of the placenta and how the amniotic fluid surrounds the growing foetus in the womb, helps to protect the foetus from injury and temperature changes. In Chemistry, students have been studying how metal objects are electroplated to improve their appearance and resistance to corrosion.

A Level Chemistry students have been studying the properties of transition elements and how they can form complex ions. They have also been planning and investigating how to determine the order of a reaction. Students strategically analyse their practicals for any possible errors, they then alter and improve their plans when errors are identified, demonstrating true scientific skills of analysis!

A big well done to all of KS4 and 5 students for working extremely hard!