Having the opportunity to apply learning to real-life activities inspires children to become more curious. In our Early Years we constantly strive to enable children to take ownership of their learning journey, creating a lifelong passion towards learning.


Pre-Nursery enjoyed learning the Nursery Rhyme, ‘Rain Rain Go Away,’ in class this week and created some dazzling raindrops to accompany their song. The children developed their gross motor skills whilst spending time using the scooters, tricycles and practiced moving under and over objects whilst on an obstacle course in the indoor playground.


This week in Nursery we have been reading the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ The children have been acting out the characters from this story by using role-play masks and pretending to ‘pull’ the turnip out of the ground. The children have been using their speaking skills to enhance this imaginative play and it has been amazing to see them use their language.

In Nursery we have been using fruit and vegetables to practice our printing skills. The children enjoyed mixing the colours and using the vegetables in a variety of ways.


Reception had a wonderful morning at the Natural History Museum on Wednesday. The children were in awe of the life-sized dinosaurs and enjoyed exploring whilst learning more about lots of different animals.

In class the children have learnt the sounds ‘ff’ and ‘ll,’ applying these to their reading and writing. This week the children chose their favourite five books in each Reception class, we will read these books during our daily story time to support us in developing our understanding of the structure of a story and to support our language development. During Maths we have been developing our language relating to measuring and weight.