It has been wonderful to welcome parents into school this week. On Wednesday we shared information of our journey in becoming a Curiosity Accredited setting, we hope that you found this useful and look forward to working in collaboration with you to support your child. Yesterday we were so proud of all the children as they took part in Sport’s Day, they all tried their very best and supported their friends.


Firstly I would like to congratulate Pre-Nursery on their fantastic performance in the Sports Day yesterday. It was so nice to see them all taking part and having so much fun.

Pre-Nursery have been focusing on the rhyme ‘Jack and Jill,’ this week. With Jack and Jill going to collect water in a bucket (pail). Pre-Nursery have been exploring capacity through filling and emptying buckets and focusing on identifying ‘full’ and ‘empty’.

Also, Pre-Nursery have been developing their gross motor skills through simple climbing activities. They have explored climbing up and down hills in the outdoor area while looking at safely walking up and down stairs using the rail to help us.


It has been an incredibly busy and fast paced week in Nursery this week, the highlight of it being Sports Day. What a fantastic morning all the children had.

Our Story and song this week has been ‘The Magic Train Ride.’ The children have enjoyed using their imagination to think of many different magical and unusual places they could visit on a Magic train ride. The most popular destinations for a magical trip have been to ‘Outer Space’ and to a ‘Land of Fairies’

Nursery have been exploring the capacity in Maths and to consolidate this they have been pouring ‘Full’ and ‘Half full’ cups into the water tray.


We have had an exciting week in Reception this week! We finished off our week with a fantastic Sports Day. The children put their best foot forward and supported their houses to win points.

The children continued to learn new sounds and practice blending, reading and writing simple sentences. They are showing more curiosity in writing independently, which is a great activity to practice at home too. They enjoy writing short letters, lists or about something that catches their interest.

We read the story of Elmer, the patchwork elephant, which highlights the beauty of our uniqueness! We are currently working on a class collage of Elmer, in which the children are making their own patchworks using different media and patterns.

To further support their mathematical development, Reception took part in different activities involving addition. It is great to see their interest in adding fingers, objects and numbers together and even solving problems.

We look forward to Maths Week next week and our EYFS Open House!