This week all of the children in Early Years enjoyed a trip to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. Our trip was an enriching and exciting educational experience for all, providing children with a firsthand encounter with ocean animals and an appreciation of the natural world. This trip was planned in preparation for our Wildlife Week which will be held next week where we will develop our understanding of our part as Global Citizens.


Pre-Nursery enjoyed learning the rhyme, ‘Hey Diddle Diddle,’ in class this week using this as a basis for their play. The children used spoons to fill up dishes of different sizes and used soap and cloths to wash them. The children also enjoyed making their own aquarium using sand and loose parts.


It has been great having everybody back in Nursery after the holiday. Everybody was excited to see their friends and happy to be back in our daily routines.

The children have been very keen to talk about what they did during their week off. They have enjoyed sharing their photos with the class and explaining what they did. There have been some wonderful descriptions of beaches, swimming, parks, visiting museums and having fun with family and friends.

As we visited the Aquarium on our trip this week, there has also been a lot of discussions about what their favourite part of the trip was. The Jellyfish seem to be very popular with Nursery and as a result there have been a lot of Jelly fish created at our Creative Table.


Our first week back from the April holiday has been filled with energy, curiosity and learning. The children were very eager to share stories of their travels and the activities they took part in over the April holiday. As part of our eco and wildlife conservation theme, the children enjoyed a trip to the Shanghai Aquarium. They explained in detail what animals they saw and observed and learnt about some of the sea animals. They practiced some blending and wrote sentences in their new writing books. We have also been practicing vocabulary to sequence an order of events, such as their aquarium trip and a turtle’s life cycle.

Next week we look forward to our Wildlife Week and Trashion Show!