During this week’s assemblies we enjoyed some beautiful performances from various talented musicians across Primary; pianists, drummers, singers and even a Samba band and Folk ensemble! We also sent our pen pal letters today to some of the Orbital schools giving some information about us as well as asking interesting and curious questions about their school and life there! We look forward to receiving their replies in the coming weeks!

Today marks the end of a very successful Spring Term and throughout this term there have been many events – Chinese New Year assemblies, Maths Week, Storytelling Week, Sports Days and various field trips to name just a few! We have really enjoyed inviting parents to school to come and join us and share our learning and we look forward to planning more exciting events next term. It has also been fantastic for our students to go off-site on field trips again; this week Year 2 enjoyed a sunny day outside sketching at the Sculpture Park.

Wishing you all a restful holiday.