It was wonderful to observe the children playing and exploring outside while learning about the world around them. Playing outdoors offers unique opportunities for children to discover new things and to develop their critical thinking skills. As we embrace the beautiful summer weather, we would like to remind you to ensure that children come to school with their sun hats and wearing sun protection.

Below is an overview of the learning that has taken place in each year group.

This week Pre-Nursery has been focusing on the birds down on the farm. Through the story ‘The Noisy Egg,’ we have learnt the simple lifecycle of a bird; from egg to chick to duck. We have explored the lifecycle through actions to help with our understanding of the words and used loose parts to order a lifecycle.

Pre-Nursery also learnt about different meals we have that use eggs. We identified which ones we liked and then had fun as a class learning how to make ‘Scrambled Eggs!’ Yum, Yum!

This week Nursery have read the story of ‘Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell’ A story about a slug who would like to be a snail. Nursery really enjoyed thinking of all the different circular objects that a slug could use as a shell, and came up with some very creative ideas! Nursery have been fascinated by the different size and appearances of snails’ shells and have been creating some artwork to represent shells.

In Maths sessions this week, Nursery have been working on number formation by copying and tracing numbers. This has been done using the Interactive Whiteboard to make large whole-body movements as well as using paint and pens to work on fine motor movement.

Reception have continued to develop their knowledge of letters and sounds and have applied this in many ways, including making lists in our Home Corner and writing letters to our friends. In Maths we have been doubling numbers, we were particularly impressed with the children’s understanding of this and we look forward to halving numbers next week.