This week Early Years immersed themselves into Maths Week through a variety of engaging activities. Maths is an essential skill that is necessary for our daily lives and by cultivating a love from a young age, we set our children up for future success. Below is an overview of some of the activities that took place during the week.

Pre Nursery

Pre-Nursery have had another busy week this week. Our rhyme this week was ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’. The children have explored flowers and gardens by planting seeds, counting flowers and painting pictures of flowers. We have also had lots of fun celebrating Maths Week by finding circles in in our environment, using Kandinsky art to inspire us to create our own art using circles and we finished the week wearing numbers eating a delicious pie.6


This week in Nursery we have been reading the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea The children have enjoyed hearing about how the Tiger ate all the food in the house. From this, Nursery have been talking about what they would like to eat if a Tiger ever came to their house for tea. The children also painted some Terrific Tigers on our creative table.

As it was Maths week, Nursery had the opportunity to visit Year 3C for a special Maths lesson. The children in Year 3 became the teachers and Nursery had a great learning experience with them building Tall Towers and painting repeating patterns.


Reception enjoyed spending time solving a variety of Maths problems this week. Through our class text, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea.’ They solved problems involving capacity when finding out which container could hold the most and measuring using non-standard measures. The children were visited by Year 3 who came along with a shop, and they had the opportunity to buy different items using their money.

Today the children made sandwiches for our Early Years Tea Party and ordered their instructions before enjoying their sandwich and tea with their friends!