This week, we have embraced Maths learning across the curriculum by providing our students with a range of mathematical challenges that have motivated and created positive memories for our students and our teaching staff. Each day, students engaged in Maths activities that tested their problem-solving and collaborative skills.

The week began with an Active Maths-PE morning with problem-solving games for students to enjoy, led by our PE department. Tuesday was a highlight where students celebrated Pi Day through a range of activities that showed progression throughout the school beginning with an understanding of circles, progressing to calculating and understanding what Pi is, and finally using Pi numbers in a range of activities. Year 1 students enjoyed using the cooking area to bake Pi cookies while Year 5 used Pi numbers to create a silhouette of Shanghai’s skyline.

With each passing day, our students have continued to show their enthusiasm and resilience to the tasks and challenged themselves to find efficient ways to solve problems with increasing confidence. Our KS2 students planned, resourced, and led interactive Maths lessons for KS1 and EYFS students. In ICT, students have been discussing famous mathematicians and finding out about the vital role of mathematics in daily life. Some have learnt about mathematicians like Katherine Johnson, who changed the world by calculating the trajectory of flights that eventually resulted in the moon landings in 1969. While Year 3 celebrated Albert Einstein’s Birthday by creating an informative birthday card about his life and contributions to Maths and Physics.

Geography lessons took place outdoors this week to expose how maths is used in real, hands-on situations as well as to problem-solve through orienteering.

The end of the week was our final competition of the week. Students put their Maths knowledge to the test with House competitions in assemblies. This was a fantastic way to round off our week and a final chance to show off the incredible teamwork that our students display every day.

We hope that we have inspired our students to delve deeper into some of the mathematical concepts we teach them in school and to always ask why something works, rather than just accepting it as fact.