As part of their topic about biomes of the world, Year 4 took a trip to Chengshan Botanical Gardens this week. The aim of the trip was to experience the different environments and temperatures as well as identify the types of plants in biomes around the world. They explored the dry, hot landscapes of the desert biome, drawing the different succulent plants and observing how their spikes and thick leaves help them to survive in this tough environment. Later, they ventured into the rainforest where the carnivorous plants were a highlight; learning about how some plants trap their prey to gain more energy from the vast food webs of the rainforest.

Year 1 have also been celebrating their study of places in the world through their assembly all about the United Kingdom. It was wonderful to see the children speaking clearly and confidently as they shared all the facts they had learned as well as some songs and games to help them remember the different countries and capital cities that make up the UK. It was also the first time Reception students had joined assembly and I was very impressed with how well they listened and showed great curiosity about the world that we live in.