Today in Key Stage 2 we enjoyed another fun House assembly, this time focusing on Chinese culture. Students thoroughly enjoyed showing their knowledge and answering the challenging questions. It also taught some of the teachers a thing or two including why or when you might call someone an ‘iron rooster’.

Also, this week, Year 4 have been asking the question, what happens to our food after we eat it? To help them better understand the digestive system, they conducted an experiment to demonstrate the different functions of all the organs. They particularly enjoyed going on the journey with the food through the body, finishing with a splash at the end of the digestive tract!

Year 2 were also hard at work this week. In English, they read and explored a new story. Then played a very fun game called ‘Hot Seating!’; where the child on the chair pretended to be a character from the book and answered questions about their feelings and thoughts. They also sequenced the story and discussed the various themes. Lastly, they focused on co-ordinating conjunctions and discussed the effect produced by using and, but and or.

Whilst Year 1 have made the most of the sunny weather towards the end of this week, taking their learning outside for various lessons. Including drawing maps on the playground, jumping games to learn the countries of the United Kingdom and measuring water in containers.