I like to welcome our Secondary community back to school and wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that everyone is well rested and took the opportunity to recharge their batteries. All Secondary students received their school reports last December. As always, I read each student's report, and I was extremely pleased with the efforts that our students made across the board. On their return to school students were tasked with reading through the report comments made by their teachers and highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses, from this personal targets can be made for future improvements. It is essential for each student to reflect on their teachers' recommendations in order to growth to take place.

The Spring term is an extremely important time for our Year 11, 12 and 13 examination classes. This is an intense time as we all make one last push to refine their knowledge and exam technique before the all-important summer examination period. The Spring term will also prove to be a busy time for our other students as restrictions become more relaxed. School trips and residentials are a vital aspect of education and we will be exploring every opportunity for our students to continue their education outside of the classroom.

As we enter the year of the rabbit, I believe that we can put the complications of the past behind us and look forward with good optimism. As rabbits are said to be gentle, elegant and kind, I hope for an agreeable school year.