In Early Years this week we observed Mental Health Awareness Week, and our focus has been on promoting physical activity and overall well-being amongst children. We have implemented various activities to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

Each morning, children began their day with a run or walk around the running track, this not only energised them but also fostered mindfulness throughout the day.

Today marked the highlight of the week as we held our Sports Day. It was truly delightful to see our young athletes enthusiastically participate in a wide range of activities. Their active engagement and sportsmanship were commendable.

In class this week Pre-Nursery delved into the enchanting story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and embarked on outdoor explorations. Nursery continued to focus this week on captivating stories about ladybirds. The children were engrossed in tales such as ‘What the Ladybird Heard Next’ and ‘The Very Last Ladybird.’ These stories provided ample opportunities for the children to expand their vocabulary, which they incorporated into their imaginative play. The children also had the chance to practice mindfulness through daily yoga sessions.

Reception students honed their critical thinking skills through an art project inspired by Gustav Klimt's tree paintings. They let their creativity flourish as they crafted their own stories and illustrated trees, encouraging their imagination.

We are incredibly proud of the efforts and achievements of our Early Years children this week and thank you for your continued support in nurturing our young learners.