Daniel Troy

Daniel Troy

Music Teacher

Music and teaching are my two greatest passions in life. Originally from Ireland, I am from what you might call a musical family. My father is an electric guitar and mandolin player. My brother plays pipes, whistle and flute in the Irish Tradition. Having been influenced by them, I started on the electric guitar before taking up the tenor banjo and learning Traditional Irish music. During this time, I played in many bands and played all around Ireland.

As I began to study classical music, I began composing too. I continue to learn how to play new instruments and learn about different genres of music today. As of this moment, I can sing, compose, play the guitar, bass, drum kit, djembe (and other drums), tenor banjo, mandolin, ukulele, ruan, concertina and tin whistle. I also love to perform on stage when I can.

This is my eighth year in China, and seventh in Shanghai. At this stage, I feel like Shanghai is my home and I imagine I will be here for a long time.

Having the education, the performance experience and over seven years teaching experience, has taught me that a good education in music should combine both knowledge and practical application. Music, as an art, is also there to be enjoyed and to enrich the lives of all. It is these things that I wish to offer the pupils of Britannica.