Sia Li

Sia Li

EAL Teacher


Having always had a love of learning languages, I chose to pursue a Master’s degree in Hong Kong. My undergraduate studies allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of language processes and development. I specialised in language development and the process of human being; native language, age, personality, motivation, cognition as well as the sociological effects on language process and development. This knowledge has allowed me to be more aware of the factors that need to be considered when planning for every lesson and the importance of taking into consideration all individual needs.

My previous teaching experience as a member of EAL & English departments provided me an opportunity to work with students from various academic and cultural backgrounds. I was responsible for the speaking and listening curriculum, which allowed me to understand these aspects of the language curriculum and adapt teaching methods to ensure all students were able to make progress and succeed.

I have worked as a housemistress of a prestigious international boarding school, helping me to gain further experiences which enable me to ensure that all students’ needs are catered for effectively.