Hello! We are the prefect team: Aliya, OChing, Elisa, Selina, Raph, Athirah, Prathamesh and Isaac. We are very happy to introduce ourselves to you, and are looking forward to the rest of this year at Britannica!

Last week, we prepared the Halloween events which we hope everyone has enjoyed. The process was really exciting and it was very successful. There were activities such as Pin the skeleton, Face painting, Guess the box and so on, not to mention the creative costumes. It showed great spirit from the whole school. Moreover, it was great to see everyone having a fantastic time. Thank you to all students and staff that has taken part in supporting this event.

Our vision of the school is to bring primary and secondary students together, create more opportunities for students to have fun, and include more innovative ideas. We have many plans for the future such as the Scavenger Hunt, so please do look forward to them.