It has been most impressive to see the dedication of the children in EYFS towards their learning outside of the classroom. It is wonderful to see the children’s learning journey updated each day on Tapestry. Thank you to parents for continuing to update us with pictures and videos of the children completing their learning.

Pre Nursery
This week Pre-Nursery have been learning the rhyme ‘Hey Diddle, Diddle’. Focusing on the key vocabulary ‘Cat, Fiddle, Jumped, Moon, Dog, Laughed, Dish, Spoon and Ran.’ Pre-Nursery have been using their voice with actions and to tell the rhyme. Pre-Nursery have been practicing and exploring jumping ‘over the moon’ like the cow, learning what a fiddle is and making their own and making a character from the rhyme on a wooden spoon to use whilst singing the song.

Nursery have had lots of fun exploring the rhyme, ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ this week. They made their own frogs on logs and edible lifecycles of a frog, they looked delicious! The children continued to develop their counting and practiced their frog jumps on their very own lily pads. The children made beautiful water lilies inspired by Monet and made some silly rhyming sentences after listening to the story, ‘Frog on a Log.’ It has been a very busy week and Nursery have completed some fantastic work!

We have finished our second week of Reception’s e-learning journey and are amazed with how well the children have adapted to this huge change. We are super proud of them; they are working incredibly hard and impressing us all.

This week, throughout our language, literacy and communication sessions, we have focused on learning or revising the sounds ‘j’ and ‘v’, learning the tricky word ‘you’ and comprehension questions based on our Topic book ‘Monkey Puzzle’. The children were wonderful participants online, contributing their ideas, opinions and answers.

In Maths, we moved on from number bonds to addition. The children enjoyed moving around their home to create their own addition number sentences, as well as playing the online games and playing the addition board games with their families.

We moved onto another story in our Julia Donaldson Topic this week; ‘Monkey Puzzle’. The children loved this story and made some incredible crafts related to the animals in the story. We were especially impressed with how creative and innovative their jungles were and loved seeing these on Tapestry. We also enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and frog.