The children enjoyed taking part in activities throughout the week as part of our Anti-Bullying Week where we focused on ‘kindness.’ In EYFS today all the children baked kindness cakes to share with their friends during our Pyjama Picnic.

This week Pre-Nursery have listened to the story Owl abies. We have been learning about our family, using the story as a prompt for discussion. Throughout the week we have been developing understanding of family and using family related vocabulary, such as ‘mum, dad, brother and sister’. The children have shared pictures of their families and have enjoyed talking about who is in their family. The whole school has been focusing on Anti-Bullying this week. In Pre-Nursery we celebrated friendships, we made friendship bracelets, we played parachute games and we baked and shared cupcakes with Nursery and Reception.

This week in Nursery the children enjoyed joining into the story of ‘Owl Babies.’ Nursery used lots of expression to act out parts of the story and recorded key phrases on the talk boards. They used natural resources to create faces to show how the owls felt at different parts of the story. As part of Anti-Bullying Week, we listened to the story of The Rainbow Fish and talked about why it is important to share; it was wonderful to see the children sharing during the week with their friends – just like The Rainbow Fish!

It has been a very busy week in Reception. As part of Anti-Bullying Week, we thought about different ways that we can display kindness to our friends and what ingredients we need to make a good friend. We used these ‘ingredients,’ which included: sharing and helping to make our very own Friendship Cookies using PlayDoh and Art Materials.

We also learnt the new letter sounds ‘c’ and ‘k’ which are in the words caring and kindness! In Maths we developed on our counting skills by adding two groups of objects together and recording the total in an addition sum.