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Many families select Britannica International School, Shanghai with the knowledge and confidence that being so centrally located, their children will spend a minimum amount of time travelling to school. For young children especially, time spent on a lengthy bus journey is wasted, as well as frustrating. With many other international schools located on the outskirts of the city, parents are often having to compromise on the location of their accommodation for a shorter journey for their child to school each day. For pupils at Britannica, parents can be centrally located downtown, where the best accommodation and best social life can be found, while still sending their child to a top international school.

Our comprehensive bus service is continually being adapted to meet the needs of new families joining the school. Routes are changed and new buses are continually being added to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum journey time.

All our buses are supervised by a bus monitor, who is also a Teaching Assistant in the school. Fluent in Mandarin and English, our bus monitors have no problem communicating effectively with the students, their parents or their ayis. Close supervision and discipline of children is maintained on the buses so that you can be reassured that your child's journey to and from school is safe and a happy one for all. All buses meet the tight regulations set by the local authorities.

You can view our current 22 school bus routes on Google Maps and learn about what areas have been covered so far. For specific pick-up and drop-off times, and bus stops, please view our Bus Route information sheet below. We will keep updating it if there is an increase or any change in our bus route.

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Bus Route 1

Bus StopCompound
158 Datian Road
8 Changshu RoadJingan Square
99 Wulumiqizhong RoadThe Summit
139 Xinfu RoadBelgravia Place
98 Guangyuan Xi RoadArcadia Apartments
666 Hongqiao RoadHongqiao Happy Garden

Bus Route 2

Bus StopCompound
600 Huang Jin ChengDaoGubei International Garden
300 Ma Nao Rd
500 Huang Jin Cheng DaoRich Garden
600 Huang Jin Cheng Dao

Bus Route 3

Bus StopCompound
788 Hong Xu RoadMandarin City 1
1700 Gubei RoadMandarin City 2

Bus Route 4

Bus StopCompound
300 Huichuan RoadZhao Feng Jia Yuan
118 Ziyuan RoadCityCondo 虹桥豪苑

Bus Route 5

Bus StopCompound
99 Puming RoadYanlord Garden (Pudong)
398 Zhong Shan South Rd白渡路
1200 South Xi Zang Rd制造局路
515 Xu Jia Hui RoadHuiling New Town
688 Zhaojiabang Rd

Bus Route 6

Bus StopCompound
Jin Xiu Jiang Nan 2锦绣江南2期
301 South Jinghui Road锦绣江南4期
Jin Xiu Jiang Nan 1锦绣江南1期

Bus Route 7

Bus StopCompound
111 Taoyuan RoadCentral Park(淮海晶华)
168 Jinan RoadThe Lakeville(翠湖天地雅苑)
506 Huangpi (South) RoadCase Lakeville(翠湖天地嘉苑)

Bus Route 8

Bus StopCompound
883 DaNing RdGelin Spring Xinyuan
240 Shi Quan Dong RdShanghai Flower Town
1288 Xi Kang Rd

Bus Route 9

Bus StopCompound
399 Longlan Road
183 Yunjin RoadBaihui Garden
300 Nandan East RoadMetropolis City
288 Wending Road

Bus Route 10

Bus StopCompound
888 hongjing Road
100 Jinbang RoadXijiaoBaochengGarden 西郊宝城花苑
1500 Hami RoadGreenValleyVilla 绿谷别墅
2189 Hongqiao Road
3333 Hongmei RoadNiceYearVilla 嘉年别墅
3166 Hongmei RoadHongqiao Golf Villa
2989 Hongmei RoadHongmei Garden 虹梅别墅

Bus Route 11

Bus StopCompounds
688 Yan An Xi Rd
555 Wu Yi RdLouis Triumph Palace 悦达花苑
20 FaHuaZhen Rd
457 FaHuaZhen Rd
1350 Zhong Shan Xi RdMeihua Garden 美华邨

Bus Route 12

Bus StopCompound
338 North Huting Rd(Beishangwan)
Hu Song Gong Rd
8888ZhongChun Rd

Bus Route 13

Bus StopCompounds
88 Qian Yang Nan Road
689 Jinshanjiang Road
455 Xinyudong Road
358 Weining RoadThe Star City 天山星城
511 Weining Road
1898 Changning Road
388 Furongjiang RoadYanlord Riverside Garden 天山河畔花苑
883 Shui Chen RoadYanlord Riverside Garden 天山河畔花苑

Bus Route 14

Bus StopCompound
323 Hongguan RoadRui Hong Xin Cheng
9 North Shanxi Road
1038 Huashan RoadCentral Residence 嘉里华庭
2118 Huashan RoadGrand Gateway Garden 港汇花园
1 Hong qiao RoadGrand Gateway Garden 港汇花园

Bus Route 15

Bus StopCompound
76 Hua Ting Rd
217 Yue Yang Rd
1350 Fu Xing Rd
1202 Huaihai Zhong Lu
25 Wuxing Road

Bus Route 16

Bus StopCompound
688 Huang Jin Cheng Dao
Yin Zhu Rd Hong Bao Shi Rd
1438 Gubei Road

Bus Route 17

Bus StopCompound
1008 West Beijing Rd
1068 Xin Zha Road
633 Xi Kang Road 01/10
658 XiKang road
500 Chang de Rd
123 YanPing Rd

Bus Route 18

Bus StopCompound
1889 Hongqiao Rd
1720 Hongqiao Rd
28 Xian XIa Rd
Yi Li Road 78
Zhong Yang Garden
229 Fuguidong dao古北中央花园
321 HongSongDong Lu

Bus Route 19

Bus StopCompound
228 Jian Guo Xi Rd
288 Jia Shan Rd
888 South Shanxi Road
420 Wanping South Rd
751 Lin Ling Rd
100 Xingeng Road
525 West Longhua Rd
468 LongHua Xi Rd
428 Long Hua Xi Rd

Bus Route 20

Bus StopCompound
1698 West Zhong Shan Road
619 Golden Street
Jin Se Bei La Wei

Bus Route 21

Bus StopCompound
3888 Du Hui Rd
3588 Du Shi Rd
1285 Shang Zhong Xi Rd
888 LuoJing Rd

Bus Route 22

Bus StopCompound
155 Bao Chen Rd
1199 Gu Dai Rd
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