Safe and child-friendly door-to-door transportation

Many families choose Britannica International School, Shanghai safe in the knowledge that being so centrally located, their children will spend a minimal amount of time travelling to and from school. 

With many other international schools located on the outskirts of the city, parents are often having to compromise on the location of their accommodation for a shorter daily school run. With Britannica, parents can be ideally located downtown, where the best accommodation and best social life can be found, while still sending their child to a top international school.

All our school buses meet the strict regulations set by local authorities and students are supervised by a bus monitor, who is also a Teaching Assistant in the school. Fluent in Mandarin and English, our bus monitors have no problem communicating effectively with the students, their parents or their ayis. Close supervision and behaviour management of children is maintained on the buses, ensuring that your child's journey to and from school is a safe and happy one for all.

Bus Online Application Form

Britannica International School operates an optional bus service for all of its students with designated pick-up and drop-off points. Transportation arrangements may take up to 2 months to finalise due to local government policies. A transportation form must be submitted prior to the start of the month. Bus monitors will communicate with parents to confirm details.

Bus Routes

Our comprehensive school bus service is continually adapted to meet the needs of new families joining the school. Routes are updated and new buses are added to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum journey times.

Specific pick-up and drop-off times, and bus stops for each of our school bus routes are detailed below.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at

Bus Route 1
Bus StopCompound
333 Wei Hai RoadTop of City 中凯城市之光
98 Guang Yuan (West) RoadMingShi Yuan 名仕苑
99 Yao Hong RoadSomerset Gubei 盛捷古北
Bus Route 2
Bus StopCompound
619 Golden StreetLa Belle Vie 金色贝拉维

717 Golden Street

Qiang Sheng Gubei Garden 强生古北花园
229 East Fu Gui Dong RoadGubei International Plaza 古北国际广场
600 Golden StreetGubei International Garden 古北国际花园
300 Ma Nao Road
500 Huang Jin Cheng DaoRich Garden 古北瑞仕花园
Bus Route 3
Bus StopCompound
788 Hong Xu RoadMandarin City I 名都城一期
1700 Gubei RoadMandarin City II 名都城二期
Bus Route 4
Bus StopCompound
888 Chang Ning Road兆丰嘉园
1438 Gubei Road
Bus Route 5
Bus StopCompound
333 Lin Ping RoadRainbow City 瑞虹新城
600 Yin Cheng (Mid) RoadFraser Suites 鹏利辉盛阁
88 Lu Xiang Yuan Road
1200 Xi Zang (South) RoadHuangPu LiYuan 黄浦丽园
810 Xie Tu Road
688 Zhao Jia Bang Road
1 Hong Qiao Road
65 Song Yuan Road

Bus Route 6
Bus StopCompound
3800 Hong Xin Road
60 Jin Hui (South) RoadJinxiu Jiangnan I 锦绣江南1期
88 Jin Yu Road
368 Hong Jin Road
Bus Route 7
Bus StopCompound
228 Jin Yuan Rd
98 Shou Ning Road
168 Ji Nan RoadThe Lakeville 翠湖天地雅苑
168 Shun Chang RoadCasa Lakeville 翠湖天地御苑
Bus Route 8
Bus StopCompound
883 Da Ning RoadGelin Spring Xinyuan 歌林春天馨园
727 Yan Chang (Mid) RoadDaning Ruishi Garden 大宁瑞仕花园

669 Liu Ying Road

168 Shi Quan (East) RoadXiangyi Flower City 香溢花城一期
240 Shi Quan (East) RoadXiangyi Flower City 香溢花城二期

Bus Route 9

921 Wan Ping (South) RoadLinJiang HaoYuan 临江豪园
420 Wan Ping (South) Road
8 North Cao Xi Rd
88 Hua Shi RoadThe Mansion 尚汇豪庭
1698 Zhong Shan (West) Road
Bus Route 10
Bus StopCompound
100 Jin Bang RoadXi Jiao Bao Cheng Garden 西郊宝城花苑
1500 Ha Mi RoadGreen Valley Villa 绿谷别墅
2222 Jian He RoadWindsor Place 温莎豪园
300 Hua Guang RdHuaGuang Garden 华光公寓
3166 Hong Mei RoadHong Qiao Golf Villa 虹桥高尔夫别墅
2899 Hong Song (East) RoadDongyuan Gubei Shangjun 东苑古北尚郡
Bus Route 11
568 Ju Lu RoadGrand Plaza 四方新城
1068 Huai Hai (Mid) RoadPalace Court 嘉丽苑
1285 Huai Hai (Mid) RoadShangFang Garden 上方花园
1500 Huai Hai (Mid) RoadAmbassy Court 鸿艺豪苑
4 Gao An Road
290 Fan Yu Road
569 An Shun Road
1030 Yan An (West) Road
Bus Route 12
Bus StopCompound
8889 Zhong Chun RoadWanKe Garden万科城花新园
2199 Gu Dai RoadShengTaoSha Garden 圣淘沙花园
Bus Route 13
Bus StopCompound
999 Lou Shan Guan RoadSpring Garden 春天花园
69 Gu Bei RoadHongqiao Wanbo Garden 虹桥万博花园
388 Fu Rong Jiang RoadRiverside 仁恒河滨花园
883 Shui Chen RoadYanlord Riverside Garden 天山河畔花苑
Bus Route 15
Bus StopCompound
688 Yan An (West) RoadHuamin Century Plaza 华敏世纪广场
443 Jiang Su Road
1038 Hua Shan RoadCentral Residences 嘉里华庭
1520 Hua Shan Road
20 Fa Hua Zhen Road
457 Fa Hua Zhen Road
36 Chang Shun Road

Bus Route 16
Bus StopCompound
99 Huang Jin Cheng Dao
688 Huang Jin Cheng DaoYuCuiHaoTing 御翠豪庭
619 Huang Jin Cheng DaoJinSeBeiLaWei 金色贝拉维
717 Huang Jin Cheng DaoQiangSheng GuBei Garden 强生古北花园
Bus Route 17
Bus StopCompound
758 Bei Jing (West) Road
1208 Xin Zha RoadDaDe Apartment 大德公寓
633 Xi Kang Road
500 Chang De Road
600 Wu Ding Road
1999 Xin Zha Road
1030 Yan An (West) Road
Bus Route 19
Bus StopCompound
228 Jian Guo (West) RoadThe Palace 嘉御庭
888 Shan Xi (South) RoadHuiJing Yuan 汇景苑
121 Xing Geng Road
65 Song Yuan Road
128 Song Yuan Road
Bus Route 20
Bus StopCompound
358 Wei Ning Road
511 Wei Ning Road
1720 Hong Qiao Road
128 Rong Hua (East) Road
Bus Route 21
Bus StopCompound
680 Lao Hu Min Road
2188 Yin Du Road
888 Luo Jin Road
Bus Route 22
58 Tong Chuan Road
2419 Hong Qiao Road
2222 Hong Qiao Road
Bus Route 23
1258 Chang De Road
800 Chang Shou Road
888 Yu Yuan Road