Growing children need clean air

In view of the growing concerns over the air quality in Shanghai, we constantly review and update our clean air policy and associated procedures to ensure our students and employees have access to clean air during their time on site.

Since we first opened, we have regularly monitored the air quality and adjusted our procedures accordingly. Ours has been recognised as being one of the best school clean air policies in the city.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are installed in all classrooms, internal activity areas and offices. These purifiers remain constantly on low except when the AQI goes above 150, when they will be set on maximum load. The Site Manager is responsible for ensuring that the air filters in the purifiers are changed on a monthly basis.

The pollution level is measured at least monthly in all classrooms and work areas and compared with the external pollution level to measure the effectiveness of our air purifiers. A report on these measurements is sent to Orbital Education in the Principal’s Monthly Report to ensure ongoing monitoring and management.

Employees who observe the absence of a purifier or a malfunction in a purifier should report this to the Site Manager immediately, who will be responsible for addressing the matter.

Measurements of the Air Quality Index

Real-time readings of the air quality index will be taken from The reading measured at Shanghai Normal University is used, which is the nearest monitoring station on the website. Parents and staff have easy access to this site via the internet or app, to enable transparency on the information that we are using to inform school procedures.

The AQI reading at this website will be taken regularly during the school day by the Principal’s PA, but especially prior to the start of school, morning break, lunchtimes and before after school activities to inform implementation of policy. The Principal’s PA will send an email out prior to all outside play informing of the pollution levels so that teachers can respond appropriately.

Children and staff who are extra sensitive to air pollution

Parents are responsible for making sure that the school is fully informed of any physical/medical conditions of their children, so that precautionary measures may be taken accordingly.

Parents who have children who are extra sensitive to air pollution and/or wish to further protect their child should provide their children with an appropriate mask to wear when outside. It is the responsibility of pupils in Year 1 and above to ensure they are wearing their mask, if provided by their parents. Children in EYFS who are requested to wear a mask by their parents will be monitored by their class teachers

Procedures to be followed according to AQI reading
AQI LevelStudent Activities
  • Normal outdoor activities may take place across the school with all age groups.
  • Students in EYFS and KS1 will remain inside school during designated outdoor activity times.
  • KS2 and Secondary students may be allowed to take part in activities outside.
  • Masks are recommended for students with particular sensitivity to air pollution.
175 -200
  • Students in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 will remain inside the school.
  • Secondary students may be allowed to take part in activities outside.
  • All students will remain inside the school.
  • Inter-school sports may still take place for Secondary pupils, provided that permission is received from their parents.
  • Outside events such as Pumpkin Palooza or Fairs will be moved indoors.
  • All outdoor activities cancelled – including matches and day trips.