We woke up to another beautiful day in Mallorca. The sun was shining down on the sea and there was a light breeze keeping us cool. This breeze, however, did not make for good sailing so our instructors planned a kayaking trip for us. We headed out of the port to make our way towards a beach.

We had to work together in our pairs to get to our destination with Kevin and Jerold's boat leading the way. Once on the beach we spent some time swimming in the sea and having water fights. On our way back to port we were able to watch some of the larger yachts leaving the port in preparation for a race. It was quite a sight to see all our little kayaks beside these large sailing boats.

In the afternoon we headed into the mountains to the quaint village of Valdemossa, described by Chopin as the most beautiful village in the world. We ate our packed lunches, provided for us by our sister school Balearas International College, in the shade of some trees outside the village monastery.

Once we had finished we headed into the monastery where we were fascinated by the hand written texts made by the monks who studied there so many years ago.

We were also treated to a Chopin piano concert. The pianist played a selection of Chopin's greatest hits which the children found extremely impressive and relaxing. At the end of our day we had some time to walk around the streets of the village and enjoy some shopping and ice cream before taking the bus back to Port Calanova.

It was a very special day as it was Anna's 10th birthday so to end out day we had a small birthday party for her with cake and games. A perfect end to an amazing day!