This week, Britannica celebrated Mother Language Day, a day to celebrate and recognise the many different languages we have within our school and to further develop the students understanding of these cultures.

We were extremely lucky to have over 60 hard working parents participate in the preparation and delivery of this day This parent-led event featured activities from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Italy, America and China!

All the students from pre-nursery through to Secondary were able to join. This included participating in different games from different countries, looking at, and trying on traditional clothing, painting and design activities, calligraphy writing, and of course, eating different foods from around the world.

From the beginning of the event to the end there was an atmosphere of excitement and fun as the children went from Country to Country enjoying all the activities on offer and collecting small prizes and gifts in their bags.

Britannica International School, Shanghai would like to thank parents for their involvement in this week’s Mother Language Day, as without their enthusiasm and hard work the event would not have been as big of a success as it was! We are extremely grateful for all their effort and we are delighted to take time to recognise and celebrate everyone within our multicultural community.