The house competition kicked off in dramatic style on Friday, there was colourful hair, spiky hair, big hair and even pineapple hair. The students spent the first part of the morning decorating their hair as well as helping their friends look wonderful to. The yellow tigers marched down to the parade singing their famous chant ‘let’s go Tigers, let’s go’ only to find the other three houses chanting just as loud.

After the students had finished it was time to show off their crazy hair in a parade on the sports field. Mr Goodwin was watching on from the main entrance as all of the amazing hair styles passed by. Mr Goodwin thought long and hard but had to award it to the Green Dragons.

After the crazy morning the students took part in some team building activities with their new house friends and leaders. Mr Barclay took the secondary students onto the tennis court, Mr Carr took KS2 into the indoor playground and Mr Benson and Miss Smyth worked with KS1 in the sports hall. Students were jumping, throwing, crawling but most importantly smiling and laughing with their new friends. All students were working as hard as possible to try and earn those valuable house points, in primary the Yellow Tigers dominated winning both KS1 and KS2 events and in secondary the Blue Lions were victorious. Well done to everybody that took part in a fantastic day!