As today is World Ocean’s Day, we decided to spend it on the open water! We took to our sailboats, ready to be one with the sea. We continued to practice our tacking and gybing, and also learned to hike - hanging from the side of the boat to balance out weight.

Both teachers and students enjoyed this far too much! We made it safely back to shore before a quick rain shower. We then hopped on the bus to take us to our sister school at the Sa Porassa campus. Year 5 students visited 5W where they met some new friends and their hilariously named class pet, Giraffe the Turtle. They then went for school lunch and out into the open fields to play with the other year 5 classes.

After lunch, they visited 5K where they had a Q &A session with the students. Our year 5 students ended their visit with all Balearas students saying goodbye and thank you in their native language, and our lovely Year 5 students teaching them how to say goodbye and thank you in Mandarin.

While the Year 5 pupilss were getting to know their classmates, our secondary students were given a tour of the school by Mr Giles. Afterwards, our Year 7 students went into a Year 7 maths lesson and learned how to do reflective drawing. Our Year 10 students visited a Year 9 geography lesson about ocean preservation, as the Year 10’s were in an exam.

All was not lost, as we crossed the street to Western Water Park – home to Mallorca’s highest and longest waterslides! The highlight of the visit was races between Mr Benson, Mr McKechnie and the children – a race that was too close to call, but Nicholas clearly took home the gold.

Ms Lint had to drag all of the children (including Mr Benson and Mr McKechnie) out of the park as they closed their doors, everyone hoping for one more go down the slides.

We finished off our day with some journal writing and a wonderful presentation by Sylvia and Yinuo about Joan Miro to prepare us all for our museum visit tomorrow afternoon. It was early to bed for all, resting up for another exciting day in Mallorca!