Saturday School Summer Term

Register now for Britannica International School Shanghai’s Saturday School. A fun, interactive place for children from all backgrounds to improve their English, taught by fully qualified English speaking teachers at Britannica’s state-of-the-art campus in Gubei.

We’ve worked hard to make this year’s Saturday School programme the best yet, and we are pleased to be welcoming students back to Britannica to develop greater English abilities and make use of our excellent sports facilities.

The Saturday School is now open to all children ages 5-11.

We are now in the process of signing students up to take part in our second 14 week programme. A full list of dates are available below and will be communicated with parents weekly.

Week 1 – March 10th

Week 2 – March 17th

Week 3 – March 24th

Week 4 – April 14th

Week 5 – April 21st

Week 6 – April 28th

Week 7 – May 5th

Week 8 – May 12th

Week 9- May 19th

Week 10 – May 26th

Week 11- June 2nd

Week 12 – June 9th

Week 13 – June 16th

Week 14- June 23rd

Our first Programme was so successful that we were full in both our Key Stage 1 and our Key Stage 2 classes. So we are very much operating on a first come first serve basis. The Primary Sessions include both English language and Sports lessons. Saturday School English lessons are comprised of a mix of general English vocabulary, phrases and grammar presented formally and instruction through stories, drama, music, technology and activities all concluding in an exciting and fun learning environment.

As part of the Saturday school EAL package, your child will also take part in a multi-skills sports session, aimed to get children active with fun and exciting games. Children will improve their gross motor skills of running, jumping, throwing, catching, hitting and kicking through games like; football, dodgeball, tag rugby, quick cricket, basketball, hockey and many more.

Thank you to all the parents who have joined and made our previous Saturday schools a success. We look forward to a busy Saturday School programme over the next 14 week at Britannica.

To register your child, please return the completed form to us by email at

Please click below to download the appropriate Primary registration form.