This week, some of our children have been taking some tests in English, Maths and some have had Science and CAT4 tests as well. Well done to all those children who took part in these and tried their best. We look forward to analysing these results and seeing how best we can support all the children to make good progress over the course of the year.

We are also very excited by the arrival of brand new toys, which from next week will be used at playtimes. This means that the children do not need to bring in any toys, including footballs and Pokemon cards, for playtime. Please also note that children should not be wearing smartwatches at school.

It was wonderful to see so many Year 1 and 2 parents at parent meetings on Wednesday and we look forward to meeting Key Stage 2 parents next Wednesday. Please do contact your child’s class teacher if you have any further questions, read on to find out what else our Primary classes have been up to this week:

Year 1 have been looking at symmetry in the world around us and have created their very own symmetrical butterflies. They have also been classifying animals, identifying the different animal groups and their features.

Year 2 have been expanding their vocabulary to describe characters from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They have learned how to use a thesaurus to help them think of new and exciting words for this. In Maths, they have been adding to the next ten using maths equipment. Topic has been all about a healthy and balanced diet; they created their own perfect meal that showed the correct proportions from the five food groups.

Year 3 have been working hard to understand and use a range of conjunctions within their writing. Using a range of resources they have been able to correctly implement these into their imaginations in order to make their writing more interesting. The children have also been enjoying using online resources, such as MyiMaths and Education City.

The highlight of Year 4’s learning this week had to be the amazing trip on Huangpu Cruise. Linking their English text ‘A River’ by Marc Martin and non-fiction explanation of the water cycle, it was wonderful to see their scientific learning in action. Developing their understanding of settlements along rivers, it was fascinating to begin seeing the history of the Bund through the buildings observed.

5A took Key Stage 2 on a cruise around the world in their assembly as we learnt about the different countries and cultures the children in their class are familiar with. Whilst 5B have been excitedly preparing for their assembly about the Romans.

Year 6 have been solving puzzles using values with three decimal places. They have been demonstrating their reasoning skills to balance missing number problems and applying decimal notation to problems using a range of measure units. In English, the children have continued their recount writing.

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary