Highlights of EYFS

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EYFS parents joined Miss Amy Coulling, Deputy Head of Early Years, in a workshop about ‘The Importance of Play’ and how this works in and outside of the school setting.

Highlights of Primary

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Year 2 students have been learning imperative verbs and time connectives for writing instructions.

What better way to teach their families how to make a delicious sandwich!

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Year 6’s have been hard at work preparing for the Winter Concert in Art!

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All the Primary pupils were entertained by a performance of ‘The Mice in the Clock’ by visiting Theatre Company ‘White Horse’ from the UK. The children were captivated by the performance and thoroughly enjoyed the audience participation.

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Year 1 were thoroughly enjoying their Big Machines topic and had been extending and building upon their vocabulary to create powerful sentences using adjectives and nouns. The children used their wonderful junk modelling machine creations to inspire their writing.


Year 6 visited the Shanghai Maritime Museum. The exhibits were stunning and the children were inspired by the range and quality of the artefacts on display.

Highlights of Secondary


Our Secondary students won Best Branding at the ASDAN Business Simulation!

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Head of Secondary, Mr. Paul Farrell presented to our current Year 6 parents and students this month. The presentation covered the important aspects of making a successful transition between Primary and Secondary phases. Mr Rosenberg, Ms Phillips and Mr Bell contributed by delivering sections on Secondary Mathematics, English and Technology respectively.

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All Secondary students were treated to a performance from a UK based Shakespeare performance academy. The performance itself was full of laughter, a well-crafted plot and linked directly with what students are currently learning in their English lessons.

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Our Art, Design, ICT and Computer Science students also had the opportunity of attending a FutureLab exhibition at the West Bund. Students were presented with an eclectic mix of art researchers, theorists and instructors from 30 of the first-rate art schools and universities from China and beyond.