On Friday 11th January, the Britannica school community celebrated Science Day while conducting a range of fun and interesting investigations to inspire and motivate the children in developing their scientific knowledge and understanding. This day was also the kick off for the “COBIS young scientist film awards”, an annual international science competition.

The day was well supported by all staff that ran a range of different hands-on enquiry sessions across all year groups, from EYFS up to year 10! All students loved the selection of WOW experiments at the beginning of the day, including testing how strong Mr Read is and creating some ‘Elephants Toothpaste’!

Year 6 and Secondary explored different experiments that could help them survive on a desert island. They have made and tested a water purifying system, created rope and tested its strength, and created ink and wrote a letter that could be put in a bottle. Today was an excellent example of how collaborative our students are, as our Secondary students showed leadership in welcoming Year 6 to our upper school.

In Primary there was a huge range of experiments conducted including combining liquids to create slime; designing and testing boats made from recycled materials; creating and testing balloon rockets; investigating static electricity, to name just a few.

As you can see from the photos, the children were extremely enthusiastic about the event which helped to reinforce their understanding of the importance of Science as a subject and its practical application.