What a seriously jam packed yet fun week it has been at Britannica as students took part in the school’s annual Sports Days. On Monday 5th May, the sun was blazing, the events where set, and the students had arrived wearing their house colors proudly as they prepared themselves for what would be an exciting week of sport.

Up first, was our youngest of sporting athletes taking part on the Monday, as we saw students from both Nursey and Reception take center stage. Students had the opportunity to put together everything they had learned throughout the year and show of their many skills in running, jumping and throwing. Although unfortunately the weather was not on our side, the students still excelled as they actively took part in 8 challenging stations. The hard work and effort students put into the day did not go unnoticed either and as a reward they all received a certificate and medal. Overall, it was nice to see the excitement from start to finish and that all students who took part thoroughly enjoyed their sports day.

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Next up it was time for the KS1 students to shine. Thankfully, the Shanghai weather was on our side and we were able to set up 14 different stations outside on the field for the students to work around in the morning. Students throughout the day were able to test their skills and abilities in many challenging activities such as Sprinting, Long Jump, Beat the Goalie, and make their way through our newest of sporting activities the Ninja Lazer Challenge, which was highlighted as the most popular amongst many of the students. As the day went on, the students aimed to get as many different sized balls to add to their teams house score totals, which were being accumulated from start to finish. Fortunately for our students the weather stayed on our side as the morning activities drew to a close and we moved onto our afternoon activities. One activity had included the Tug of War where we even got a chance to see the parents test their strength on the day. After all the effort students put in we had to declare one winner, and it was in fact the Blue Lions who came out victorious.

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Having made such a great start to the week with Nursery, Reception and KS1 completing their sports days it was now down to the KS2 and Secondary students to round up what has been a highly successful sports week. Fortunately again the weather was on our side and the students were able to work their way through many sporting activities planned. For KS2 and Secondary activities were a bit different as some included Qualification Heats, some were House Competitions and others were just for fun. Students had been working extra hard throughout the day to help add to their house total scores. As the morning events came to an end, it was time for our afternoon events, and this consisted of athletes who qualified in their qualifying heats for the High Jump, Shot Putt and 60m race, had the opportunity to add to their house scores in the afternoon. There were some very tight contested finals but generally it was amazing to see all students who took part give it their full effort.

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Overall, it has been a great week of sport and the whole of the PE department would like to congratulate all students of their effort they had put in throughout, as it was great to see all the hard work they have put into their PE lessons over the year has paid off. Also a huge Thank You to all the staff who supported the running of the day and to the parents who came along and showed their support for the school and their children in what has been a truly successful Sports Week.