Early Years have all been exploring the seasons and the natural changes that take place as the weather has turned colder.

Pre-Nursery have been using the sense of ‘sight’ to identify colours of the falling leaves from the trees and loved exploring how the leaves blow in the wind as they went on an autumn leaf hunt outside.

While in Nursery the weather has begun to change even more as they have started to explore the winter weather of snow and ice. Nursery through their ‘seasons and celebrations ‘topic have been identifying what they need to wear in this cold icy weather and even looked at how Eskimos live.

Up in Reception, there were some funny noises as the alien ‘Beegu’ flew to Earth to get to know all about it. Reception children learnt how to speak in alien robot voices and helped him learn about the planet Earth. I wonder if ‘Beegu’ liked Shanghai and its cold weather!

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years