What a busy week EYFS have had as the preparations for the Winter Concerts are in full swing. There has been lots of singing, dancing and shaking of instruments to ensure we are ready for the Winter spectacle next week. We hope you are able to join us on Wednesday to share with us the joy and celebration of the season.

Back in class, all the children have been busy exploring their topics. Pre-Nursery have delighted in the experiences of messy play to the extreme this week, as they used their hands to understand the sense of touch. There has been lots of sticky cornflour, gooey jelly beads, but most fun has been had using our hands and fingers to paint. With this messy play, there is only one thing we always have to remember and that is ‘Washing Hands’ and this is what Pre-Nursery have been practising all week!

Nursery have continued to look at Winter through discovering the celebration of Christmas, what we do in the lead-up, how people celebrate and key customs people have around this time of year. There may have been some baubles beginning to appear as the trees start to go up for the festive decorations.

Reception have been further developing their language skills by looking at rhyming. They were introduced to Rodney Rat who loves to rhyme and find matching words with the same sounds. In their mathematical learning Reception took a look at capacity, expanding their vocabulary through phrases such as, ‘nearly’, ‘almost’ and ‘a little more’!

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years