It has been another busy active week for us here in EYFS, both inside the classroom and out. With wonderful celebrations in the Winter Concert that expand on the student’s experiences and learning to the fantastic work done in class on our topics this week.

Pre-Nursery have been experiencing what different smells are like using their noses. In hidden containers the children have had to guess what item they thought it was just from the smell! It has been interesting to see which smells some of the children have liked and which ones they have not. Surprisingly some of us liked the smell of curry powder!

Nursery have been getting very festive with the baking of gingerbread. They rolled the dough, used a variety of shaped cutters to cut the biscuits and then had fun decorating them with icing. I hope all Nursery parents liked their gingerbread gifts.

Reception have been concentrating on the letter sounds ‘j’, ‘y’, ‘w’ and ‘x’ this week as they continue their journey on learning how to read and write. While mathematically its all been about ordinal numbers. I wonder who has been 1st, 2nd and 3rd this week in the games they have been playing.

As the Autumn term is closely coming to an end all EYFS year groups are having a ‘Winter Warmer’ event in their classes next week. Please do keep an eye out for details from your child’s class teacher and we look forward to seeing you next Thursday in class enjoying time with your child.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years