It has been go, go, go here in EYFS this week as the sun has been shining. With the beautiful weather back again the students of EYFS have been able to enjoy the delights of the new outdoor area to its full potential. Reception have used it to expand on their learning on 2D shapes, while Nursery have been role-playing Goldilocks and the three bears, and Pre-Nursery got creative using their feet to paint bear prints across large paper.

In class there has been exploration all around, please see below what each year group has been up to:

It has been a colourful place to be this week in Pre-Nursery as the children were introduced to colours using 'Brown Bear Brown Bear' as a stimulus. There has been lots of sorting as children have begun to identify colours through words, match objects to colour splats and sing the colours in the rainbow.

Do you like porridge? I think Nursery do! Continuing their work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears Nursery have looked at porridge this week; identifying what goes into the yummy breakfast to be made, how you make it and even having a little try!

Reception have delved further into their phonics this week learning new sounds and developing the skills of blending sounds together to make simple CVC words. It is wonderful to hear the children engaging with these new skills in Literacy with such enthusiasm. Working on their understanding of shape, Reception have been identifying and describing 2D shapes, then using their knowledge creatively to make 2D shape monsters!

Class teachers are looking forward to meeting you all individually next Wednesday, 18th September for our first EYFS Parents Evening Meetings. These meeting will give you an individual update on your child’s settling in, progress and targets in key areas of learning for the next term. Class teachers will be emailing parents with times for your appointment so please do key an eye out for these.

Wishing all children and parents a happy Moon festival.

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years