A highlight of EYFS this week was the first school trip of the year by Reception, who voyaged to Pizza Express to learn about food and experience time in a restaurant.

There was a lot of patting, spreading, sprinkling and arranging as the students placed ingredients to make their own individual pizzas and then a lot of ‘Mmmmmm’s’ as they sat and shared their creations at lunch. It was delightful to see how much fun the Reception students all had as they skipped excitedly back to school, eagerly talking about their experiences from the outing.

Trips are an important part of our curriculum here at Britannica as it supports, develops and expands the student’s knowledge on topics in a wider community basis. Thank you to all parents who supported the Reception team in creating a successful Pizza Express experience. Look out for more trips to come over the year for both Reception and Nursery pupils. I know Nursery are prepping for their first trip of the year to LilliPuts at the end of this half term.

Elsewhere in EYFS this week, Nursery have been looking at the role of the Postman and had a visit from our PE department who explained what the role of a lifeguard is. This was a wonderful example of the collaboration between departments at Britannica to broaden the curriculum for the students. While in Pre Nursery all students were getting to know themselves better through identifying parts of their bodies through games and songs.

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early years