With the sun shining and the warm weather still with us, EYFS have taken full advantage of their outdoor learning environments.

I had the pleasure of walking passed the outdoor area today and saw Nursery fully engaged in an activity about roads using their junk model houses and long painted paper roads. Furthering their learning on ‘People who help us’, Nursery students have looked at the role of the police, how they help us stay safe while considering the concept of ‘right and wrong’.

In Reception this week, the students have deepened their knowledge about food by looking at foods from around the world. I wonder which foods they were able to identify and which new ones they found out. What I do know is that they would be able to tell you if they are healthy or unhealthy, as they have been looking at the self-care side of food and themselves.

Pre-Nursery have been having face fun as they have been identifying their facial features, exploring what an emotion is and getting extremely creative with paper plates and mix media resources to create their own unique faces. Watch out for these on display in the next few weeks!

The school’s annual Pumpkin Palooza event is next Wednesday.

Remember all students are invited to school in fancy dress on the day which is always a highlight as the students talk about who they are.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event.

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years